Environmentalism & Sustainability – Keter Group CEO Alejandro Pena Emboldens Customer-Forward Approach

Keter Group is a global leader and supplier of outdoor sustainable home decor and furniture solutions. Keter Group, a leader in the development of resin-based materials, has enjoyed 70+ prosperous years of growth since its founding in the Middle East. With a leading inventory of upscale products at affordable prices, Keter has enjoyed its transition from servicing the Middle East into more global markets.

Keter Group hired Alejandro Pena to the CEO position in 2017 to help guide its outward expansion. Pena joined the team, having spent 25 years developing his experience with other businesses, famously working at other top-level companies in adjacent industries.

As Keter Group prepares its continued expansions, CEO Pena is focused on its efforts in sustainability.

Pena stated, “Companies will increasingly have to provide transparent, verifiable data on their environmental impact as evidence of their commitment to the planet.”

Working With Customers

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to turn into a slight reflection in the rearview mirror, industries are still adjusting and changing in its aftermath. In the wake of the pandemic, more and more online shoppers have decided to leave brick-and-mortar shopping behind. Whether shopping for a car or an end table, buyers are starting on the internet.

Data from various sources has shown that the outdoor furniture industry will only continue to grow. With the release of new manufacturing facilities and an expedited processing chain, Pena believes their customer outreach has never been better.

Alejandro Pena said of his preparation for the future, “Keter is shaping what’s next for a better day.”

Keter has emphasized the importance of branding in recent years. Keter has increasingly empathized with its chic outdoor lifestyle branding, simultaneously communicating the importance of sustainable materials. Keter’s continued focus on environmentalism has kept it in the green regarding positive customer feedback.

More than anything, Keter CEO Alejandro Pena is mainly focused on creating positive outcomes. Pena stated, “We are innovators. We invent what is new and what is next and do it with a sustainable mindset and consciousness.

Looking to the Future

Keter Group has been around the block a time or two, and its foray into hybridizing the shopping experience during COVID-19 fits like a hand-in-a-glove for the business.

Keter is now available in more than 100 countries as it aims to offer elegant designs, unmatched functions, and best-in-class durability. What’s more, Keter Group is embracing the importance of setting environmental standards by releasing an annual Sustainability Report.

Alejandro Pena added that corporations won’t be able to hide their outcomes as easily anymore. Pena stated, “Companies must provide increasingly transparent, verifiable data on their environmental impact as evidence of their commitment to the planet.”

Pena continues underscoring the importance of relevant customer experiences, and Keter looks to follow his guidance into the future.

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