Essential What Equipment Can’t Be Missing In Your Bakery

When we think of a bakery, we immediately remember that smell of bread that has just come out of the oven and invades the environment. This item, by the way, can be considered the fundamental piece in a bakery and will define the quality of the product sold in your establishment.

In addition to it, it is necessary to invest in good roasting pans and molds, on a precision culinary scale, in industrial mixers, in a fermentation oven, and in cold rooms. Below, we bring you a list of the leading equipment to acquire for your business. Check out!


Without it, there are no bread, cakes, or any other product for you to sell in your bakery. Therefore, it is vitally important to invest in excellent quality equipment. If you don’t have a state-of-the-art oven, all the fermenting, kneading, and molding work can be lost.

Professional ovens with oven racks are larger compared to those we have at home and have a much higher power. Know that there are different types for your kitchen before you buy the best one for you such as those from schaumburg specialties for instance: ballast oven, rotary oven, and convection (“turbo”) oven. With its automatic steam injection system and the way of heating and cooking, the ballast lining allows a bread with that very crispy crust and a very aerated crumb.

In the turbo case, there are turbines to ensure an accelerated circulation of hot air to achieve an equal distribution of heat. This equipment is mainly used for confectionery and has already become a darling in bakeries for having fast heating and a low cost.

Baking Sheets

It may seem silly, but baking sheets and trays are also essential in making bread, cakes, sweets, cookies, etc. In them, the doughs are deposited to rest and go to the oven, and, for that reason, they can also influence the final result of your product.

The roasters are made in different sizes, shapes, and materials and can be made of aluminum – these are the most economical –, metal, silicone, and porcelain. Do not forget that they will also directly influence the final result of the food. Think about that when you buy yours.

Precision Cooking Scale

Measuring the number of ingredients is essential in confectionery and baking. There is no margin for error; forget the idea that putting a little more or less than necessary will not make a difference! Therefore, the precision culinary scale is indispensable.

Another essential factor to be taken into account when purchasing the part is the measuring capacity of the scale. If you work with large-scale production, you can’t buy a device that falls short of your needs. So, consider your daily production before choosing yours.

Cold Chamber

Cold rooms have an essential function in bakeries to slow down the fermentation process of bread. Thus, the dough continues to rise slowly and without the yeast dies. They are very reminiscent of a cupboard, with support to fit the baking sheets and mats for the products to rest.

The temperature inside the cold rooms can be controlled in an analog or digital way, depending on the chosen model and according to the product inside. This equipment is widely used to produce natural fermentation bread, as they need a slower process. It is also suitable for those who need to spend the night resting.


This item is indispensable for any commercial establishment in the food sector. There is no possibility of a kitchen working without it, as the ingredients to be used in the manufacture of products will be stored there.

There are many options available in the market, and the ideal for you is to purchase different models, if possible, that fit your budget. Invest in a refrigerator horizontally and vertically to separate all foods thus and adequately keep them longer.

Stainless Steel Table

This space is essential for professionals to work, shape, cut, and knead the dough, essential functions for the good quality of the final product. You can also use the table or bench to place the ready-made bread and sweets.

The use of stainless steel such as those gotten from Schaumburg specialties for instance is recommended, as it makes the surface smoother, is more resistant and durable, and is easy to clean.

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