Everything To Know About Hydraulic Cylinder, Its Application And Benefits

The hydraulic cylinder is specially designed to transform the force – also called power or hydraulic power – into mechanical force. Known as a linear hydraulic motor, the hydraulic cylinder generally uses oil as a fluid to ensure its correct operation. Made up of parts such as Sleeve, Piston, Guide Bush, Seals, Front Head, Rod, Rear Head, Tie rods, or Screws depending on the model and standard fixing or as needed.

Hydraulic Cylinder Applications

The hydraulic cylinder is a piece of equipment widely used in the industry like cylinders inc. It can be found in the automobile industry, auto parts, plastic injection, paper and cellulose, food industry, agro-industry, construction, pavers, and heavy engineering companies; mobile line (excavator, backhoe, wheel loader, and derivatives); mining, hydroelectric, steel, and naval industry.

Benefits Of This Type Of Cylinder

For companies that aim at productivity and economy, the hydraulic cylinder is an excellent alternative since this type of equipment can be used in small, medium to large industries, adapting to specific applications and customer preferences.

The hydraulic cylinder is resistant to internal technical problems due to its smooth surface with a robust structure. Manufactured following the ISO standard, the hydraulic cylinder has the flexibility of assembly and size, which facilitates, for example, its transport and handling.

Specially designed to ensure speed and strength in production processes, the hydraulic cylinder is found in several different models and specifications, which can be classified into:

  • Telescope, which has one or more rods in its composition;
  • Simple effect or action, which returns using springs or even gravity;
  • Double action, which is usually used in industrial processes.

Search For Hydraulic Cylinder Buy To Increase Industrial Productivity

It is possible to find a variety of types of hydraulic cylinders that suit different types of applications, such as, for example, single-acting, double-acting, and telescopic piston cylinders. Two essential components are always present in all these items: the barrel and the piston.

The efficiency of hydraulic cylinders can be seen in the energy industry, in hydroelectric plants, for example, since it is necessary to buy a hydraulic cylinder for the controls of the gates to allow the water to flow or stop in the reservoir.

Furthermore, professionals at cylinders inc looking for hydraulic cylinders to buy as mechanical engineers often rely on this equipment to operate feeding devices, automated production lines, conveying devices, and plastic molding machines.

Another area that benefits from the use of this equipment is shipbuilding. In this sector, when looking for a hydraulic cylinder to buy with quality parts and great power, it can be used in steering mechanisms, transport equipment, and winches, in addition to several other applications.

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