Walking Around in Las Vegas -Some Safety Recommendations

What actions may you take to lessen the likelihood that you and other pedestrians get hit by a car? The following are some guidelines that can be of use to you in maintaining your safety: 

  • Walk on the sidewalk whenever it is an option for you to do so.

When walking in a straight line on a road, you should always face oncoming traffic and keep as much distance as possible between yourself and the road.

  • Never, ever, ever assume that a driver can see you as a matter of course. 

Eye contact with a vehicle approaching from behind you is a good indicator that the driver is aware of your presence; therefore, you should attempt to maintain it.

  • Make certain that people can see you

Be sure to dress in something vivid if you go out for a stroll during the course of the day. When it starts to grow dark out, you should always have a flashlight on you and dress in clothes made of luminous material so that you can be seen.

  • Maintain a high level of vigilance

Always keep an eye out for what is going on in the neighborhood around you. You should avoid engaging in activities such as texting, watching movies, or having intense phone conversations while you are walking. This includes listening to music with both headphones in at the same time. It is also essential to keep in mind that the arrival of some electric automobiles is accompanied by very little noise. This is something else to keep in mind.

  • Be cautious at crossroads

At a crossroads, you need to be extremely cautious and aware of your surroundings. There is an alarmingly high incidence of accidents that involve pedestrians. Before stepping off the curb, you should always be sure to respect the traffic lights and look in all directions, even if you have the right of way.

  • Pay attention to cars

Be wary of automobiles that are exiting driveways and parking areas in the opposite direction from which they entered them. There are times when they might have a less clear vision of you than at other times.

  • Do not drink

You must not consume alcohol or drugs in the hours leading up to or while you are engaged in walking. Just like they do for drivers, these medications can impair a person’s vision and make it more difficult for them to react quickly in the event of an emergency.

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